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Are you interested in selling our hand-crafted and
floral-infused products in your shop or market?



Are you interested in featuring our products in your store, market or grocery?

Our wholesalers mean EVERYTHING to us! You are the ones who help us share Flouwer Co. with all of your valued customers. If you are in the Denver metro area we would love to coordinate pick-up or delivery directly with you.


However, we have partnered with Faire for those of you outside of Denver or if your prefer to have your order shipped directly to your door. See below for more information about purchasing Flouwer Co. through Faire

Food Service

Are you interested in featuring our products on your menu?   

If you are a Chef or restaurant owner located in Colorado or New Mexico and you are interested in featuring Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers on your menu, please contact Italco, our local distributor, to discuss your options and delivery schedule.  

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