Flouwer Co. Hand-Blended Seed Bag
Planting + Care Instructions

We’ve pulled the flowers and flavors from our Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers and curated a seed bag just for you! Everything we’ve included is completely edible and we have so many recipes and uses to share with you!  

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Plant | Grow | Gather

Inside the reusable 100% cotton bag, we’ve separated the herbs and the flowers into two envelopes in case you prefer planting them in different locations - but please feel free to plant them together if you choose!

Flouwer Co Brand Kit-98.png

Planting Instructions

To get the most out of the growing season, plan to plant your seeds 2 weeks before your average last frost. 

Gently shake the seed packet to mix seeds. 

Choose a place exposed to full sun. 

Scatter about 25 seeds per sq. ft. and rake into well drained soil.

Keep moist until sprouting and germination. 

Thin as needed. 

Flowers and herbs will bloom from spring until frost. 

Enjoy your beautiful blooms and we will share tips with you so that your recipes can also be #tooprettymusteat !

Average Days to Emerge

5 - 30

Seed Depth



Ranging from 4” - 6'