Introducing Flouwer Co.’s Curated Artisan Gift Boxes

The holidays are bound to look a little different this year, but we are intent on making spirits bright!

We have launched the 1st Edition of Flouwer Co.’s Curated Artisan Gift Box to celebrate the season as well as the launch of our Edible Flower Sprinkles! These curated boxes are available for nationwide shipping and are perfect to share with friends and loved ones this holiday season ~ even if from afar.

We have curated two boxes to celebrate - Sweet and Savory. Both boxes are filled with our unique offerings, products from a few of our favorite local producers, and a few trinkets to brighten your day. Let us tell you what’s inside and why we love it! 

Flouwer Co.’s Curated Artisan Sweet Gift Box

This gift box is the perfect beginning to a cozy day at home or excuse to catch up with an old friend or loved one. Inside is: 

Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers - No.1 

These crackers are perfect with cheese and honey.

Flouwer Co. Edible Flower Sprinkles - Sweet

Also included is our recipe for Simply Sweet Floral Shortbread Cookies, perfect for holiday baking! 

Flouwer Co. Test Kitchen - Floral Lollipop

What’s sweeter than a lollipop?! Straight from our Test Kitchen, this lollipop is sweetened with organic sugar and flavored with a hint of lemon, lavender and rose. 

Lavenderose Chamomint Tea by Old Barrel Tea Company in Golden, CO

Our love for this tea goes well beyond the flowers - rose, lavender and chamomile. This tea is the perfect cup of soothing relaxation we all need in 2020. It is naturally caffeine-free and is lovely served hot with a spoonful of honey. 

Rose Infused Honey by Bee Squared Apiaries in Berthoud, CO

We are obviously flower junkies so we were always going to love this honey. It is perfect in tea, but also excellent when drizzled on top of cheeses, yogurt + granola, waffles, and fruit. 

One Upcycled Antique Silver Spoon

We have a soft spot for antique silver. This is sure to become your favorite spoon in the drawer, perfect for stirring honey into a hot cup of tea. 

Three Botanical Postcards from the archives of the New York Botanical Garden

We love these vibrantly colored botanical postcards and suggest mailing them as notes to friends or using them as gift tags this holiday season!