Due to overwhelming demand for our Edible Flouwer Sprinkles, we have created a  wholesale option for bulk use.

Each tin is 4oz by volume and contains a handblended confetti of colorful, organic, and all-natural edible flower petals.

Wholesale Edible Flower Sprinkles

  • We handblend our Edible Flower Sprinkles in small batches so each tin is unique. All tins are made to include a colorful confetti mix of organic and all natural edible flower petals to be used in recipes or as a final touch to enhance your presentation. We chose the alluminum tins so that you may use a lot or a little and reseal the tin for later use. 

    When used as a light garnish there are approximately 100 individual servings per tin. Ideas for use include cocktails, charcutierie and cheeseboards, within or on top of baked goods - the possibilities are endless. Please be sure to check out our blog and social media accounts where we highlight some of our favorite uses for our Edible Flower Sprinkles.  

    Please be sure to review the Terms & Conditions of our Wholesale Agreement.