With Flouwer Co. Edible Flower Sprinkles, incorporating flowers into your favorite recipes ~ sweet or savory ~ has never been easier! 


Our Sweet Edible Flower Sprinkles include three vials of dried edible flower petals, each separated by color so you may use them all at once together or separately as you see fit. 


Marigold * Lavender/Bachelor Button Blend * Rose


Please reuse your cotton bag & glass vial to hold spices and small trinkets. The small glass vial also makes a darling bud vase for small blooms. 


Please visit our blog for recipes and inspiration! 

Edible Flower Sprinkles - Sweet

  • Our Edible Flower Sprinkles come  with 3 vials of dried edible flower petals. Each vial has a cork topper so you can use a lot or just a little and save some for next time. Since these are sealed when you receive them and can be closed back up when you are through, these will be fine on your shelves for 10-12 months - if you don't use them all up before!