Case of 8 Seed Bags

Flower * Herb Seed Blend

Individual Net wt: 11g


P l a n t * G r o w * G a t h e r

We’ve pulled the flowers and flavors from our No.1 Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers and curated a seed bag just for you! Everything we’ve included is completely edible and we have so many recipes and uses to share with you! 


Inside the reusable 100% cotton bag, we’ve separated the herbs and the flowers into two envelopes in case you prefer planting them in different locations - but please feel free to plant them together if you choose!


Please reuse your cotton bag (perfect for bulk bin shopping or storing odds and ends) and recycle the paper envelopes. 


Hand mixed for 2020

Wholesale - No. 1 - Grow at Home Seed Bag - Case of 8 Seed Bags

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