Mindful, eco-friendly choices from garden to gathering, so we can all continue to grow. 

Special Considerations

At Flouwer Co., we have focused on the following when considering how we can be eco-friendly and minimize waste.

The Flowers

The Flour

The Baking

The Box

Help Keep Our Garden Clean

Please help us keep our garden clean by reusing the box or recycling it with the paper sleeve. The inner bag is completely biodegradable cellophane made from wood cellulose fibers sourced with sustainable forestry principles. The cellophane bags are certified biodegradable, compostable and made carbon zero that, in a home composting environment, will typically break down in a few weeks.

Everyday Sustainability

Our Everyday Sustainability Mission

Before I started writing this post, I thought I would do a little research so that I could be more informed about what it actually means to be sustainable…


Well, as I am sure you can imagine, there are many principles, pillars, definitions, etc. of sustainability and I immediately felt overwhelmed with the thought - are we actually sustainable?

But, it’s just a box...or is it?

I wanted to dive a little deeper to explain the packaging we chose and why it is important to us in our mission to be more sustainable.

The kraft brown Flouwer Co. Artisanal Cracker box is FDA/USDA compliant for use with food and is made of 100% recycled material.


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